The brand that even makes its legal bits fun and fruity


You can tell a brand’s tone of voice is really working when you find it in the nooks and crannies. The terms and conditions hidden in the hyperlink. The legal bits in the email footer. That message about recycling on the bottom of your coffee cup.

Imagine this: It’s a Friday afternoon and the sun’s out.* I’m a bit thirsty. Long story short, I’m googling Pimm’s. Click.

Boom. Straight into a nook (or cranny) of their website, and it’s positively overflowing with their chatty tone of voice.



Every day’s like your birthday with Pimm’s

Seriously though, how old are you?

These two lines are the beginning of my interaction with Pimm’s. And they put me in a jolly good mood for the rest of my browsing. Bunting, buses and gnomes aside, here’s what they’re doing well:

  1. Everyone has a birthday. Pimm’s have quickly grabbed on to something that means something to everyone.
  2. But they’re talking about your birthday. My birthday. They’re talking to me, and about me, so I’m interested straightaway.
  3. They’ve gone a bit over the top and they know it. You can tell because they rein it in with the next sentence, seriously though, how old are you?
  4. They’re subtly flattering us all. All this talk about my birthday means it takes me a split second to work out why they actually need to know how old I am. Oh, of course, it’s alcohol so they need to know I’m over 18. Now I’m chuckling because I’ve joined in this little joke Pimm’s is having. I’ve done a bit of thinking and I’ve worked it out. We think alike, me and Pimm’s. They’re good at clever jokes, and I must be clever because I understand it.
  5. It sounds just like they’re talking – it sounds just like them. If you’ve seen or heard any of their ads before, you’ll know they’ve gone for the chatty, friendly, ‘this is ruddy brilliant’ tone of voice. That chatty tone here tells you you’ve come to the right place. And it sets your expectations for even more witty copy once you get into the site. (They don’t disappoint.)

They’ve done all that in two lines. They’ve set the bar high, and much higher than their competitors:

Jack Daniels: Please enter your birthdate.

Who really says ‘birthdate’? Can’t we talk about this in a more human way? It was more exciting when we were talking about my birthday.

Bacardi: Enter your date of birth.

I could be filling in a form for a new passport, not a rum website.

Smirnoff: ID please. You must be of legal purchase age to enter this site.

Well it sounds like I’ve come to a bar, but it doesn’t sound like Smirnoff. It’s a world away from their punny Facebook posts of Orange you glad to see us? or Apple-solutely.

Instead of a pop up box of boring legal stuff, the Pimm’s box pops out with personality. They take the opportunity to make their tone of voice work hard in an unexpected place – in the nook (or cranny). So, anyone for Pimm’s?

*You’ll probably have to work quite hard to imagine that last bit.