Pensions are magic

Written by Simon Grover

I’m sure wizards and witches start to take magic for granted after a while. They’ll forget about the inherent amazingness of their everyday work and focus on the problems: how to explain it, why young wizards just don’t seem so interested these days, and, of course, what the lawyers have to say.

Likewise, we in pensions can often forget about the magic of the substance we deal in. It’s high time to raise our eyes from the board packs and regulatory consultations, and celebrate pensions for what they are: magic. Here’s 9 things I think are magic about workplace pensions.

If you’d like to enthuse (or re-enthuse) your colleagues or members (or even lawyers) about the subject, please feel free to send this around to them, put it on your website or next newsletter, frame it in the toilet, or whatever you like.

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