What happens when you tell people their pension can build a better world

Written by Caroline Hopper
We asked ordinary people what they wanted to change about the world.
We hadn’t prompted them to mention any of these things – but interestingly, their answers sound like a list of impact investing themes. If only they knew that their pension could solve some of these problems for them.

What if your pension could do that for you?

Next, we told these people about the power of their pensions. We told them their pension could help tackle climate change by investing in climate solutions, that it could build social housing, that it could provide education and medical research. We told them their money could be invested for positive social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. This was their reaction.

Pensions have the power to change the world

Our Consultant, Caroline, showed these videos at the Pensions for Purpose awards. Next, she explained how impact investing helps people care about their pension money, shows how this encourages them to save more today, and challenges the industry to invest this money to build a better world tomorrow.