The 80 Minute MBA

The 80 Minute MBA

by Richard Reeves and John Knell

These witty and extremely readable authors start by making a convincing case that you don’t need to sit through (or pay £60,000 for) a two-year MBA course at the London Business School to learn what they have to teach you. Whilst I’d be asking for my money back from the LBS if I left with only the contents of this book in my head, it feels like a useful summary. Most usefully, perhaps, it opens up areas of your knowledge that may be a bit lacking, and points you to lots of (free) online resources to help you plug the gaps.

Whilst the book says it can’t provide a version that would take less than 80 minutes to read, I obviously want to have a go. So, in summary…

There are 5 things to know about.

  1. Sustainability: Businesses have to think about the moral and practical implications of the mess we’re making of our planet.
  2. Leadership: Ignore any leadership book that has an adjective in the title. It’s about knowing the details, and trusting the team.
  3. Culture: Your people really are the key to your success, because of all the free stuff they bring to work.
  4. Cash: You need to be able to read a ledger and draw a demand and supply curve. Or you’ll look like an idiot.
  5. Conversation: Business these days is about talking with your customers, not talking at them.

There. That’s quicker and cheaper than buying the £9.99 book, isn’t it.