Consumer subheading with a packing label detail, find out how we helped brands in the consumer industry with their thinking, writing and training.

To win and keep their customers, consumer brands need to show the world what makes them special. To do this, they need to speak in a coherent and distinctive tone of voice. And they need to develop a set of positive, empowering messages that sell benefits and promises just as much as products and services. But with increasingly diverse media channels and sophisticated buying preferences, getting through to today’s consumers can be tough.

Quietroom helps consumer brands unearth exactly what makes them special. We help them talk in a way that’s clear, vivid and real – so their story makes sense, so their ideas come to life, so their message sticks.

What we’ve achieved

We produced a tone of voice guide for Which? along with workshops to roll it out. Brand awareness rose, member numbers increased, and response to online advertising went up by 18% against control in a recent campaign.

We rewrote standard customer letters for Carpetright, and followed this with writing workshops for their complaints people. Their head of customer service described our work as ‘brilliant’. He reported a better-functioning, more confident team and fewer customer complaints.

We worked with the brand team at Ocean Spray to help shape the language they use for consumers.

We created a ‘Simplicity’ presentation for Volkswagen, on the power of language, and delivered it ten times to retail marketing teams across the business.