It’s hard to get consumers excited about an invisible commodity that only becomes obvious when it breaks.  But it’s harder still when energy companies are facing a crisis of trust, criticised by politicians, the media and consumer groups for rising prices, incomprehensible tariffs and substandard service.

As is often the case, the reality is somewhat better than perception. Energy companies that communicate clearly, that show empathy for their customers, and that prove they have the answers to challenges like energy security and climate change, will find a way to succeed.

Quietroom works with energy companies in supply and distribution as well as with government departments like DECC and BIS, helping them talk in a way that’s clear, vivid and real – so their story makes sense, so their ideas come to life, so their message sticks.

What we’ve achieved

We helped UK Power Networks overhaul their customer communications, including letter templates, text messages and Twitter feed. Their average customer service score rose from 7.9 to 8.4 out of 10. And their website and social media team won both the Customer Service Award, and the Team of the Year award at the Utility Week Stars Awards 2014.

We helped Good Energy understand what would motivate consumers to switch to renewable energy, or even start generating their own. We also wrote a report on energy security to coincide with Good Energy’s activity at the Hay Festival.

We’ve worked with DECC on messaging for a number of climate change initiatives.

And we’ve helped a British Gas customer service team provide a more personal service on the phone.