How we helped Experian win a £2m deal

The problem

Experian is a highly successful business that’s grown rapidly. But it’s easy to label what they do as dry: statistical modelling doesn’t get many pulses racing. They wanted to change people’s perception of them. To do that, they needed to stop relying on statistics, and start explaining what they do more easily, and connecting with people more naturally.

The solution

It was deceptively simple – we helped the good folks at Experian master the age-old art of spinning a great yarn.

The result

The work we did has been a great success. People who took part gave us an average score of 4.5 out of 5. And the work we did with Experian’s sales-force helped them turn a £500,000 prospect into a £2m deal.

How we did it



We’re all hooked by stories – the book you can’t put down, the edge-of-the-seat series finale, the thrilling sporting comeback, the truly disastrous date. Stories make information human, exciting and memorable. And that makes them a powerful way to communicate.

We ran a programme of storytelling workshops for 80 senior people from across the business. These helped people at Experian get better at identifying and telling powerful stories about who they are and what they do. In each session, we showed people how stories work and why they’re powerful, we showed them storytelling techniques that would help them become better communicators and perhaps most importantly, we gave people a platform to share stories of success around the business.

On top of that, we worked with Experian’s sales-force, helping them weave over 70 Experian products into a story that they could take to their banking clients. Experian tracked the results of this work – it helped turn a £500,000 prospect into a £2m deal.