Government subheading with clock tower image, find out who and how Quietroom have helped with thinking, writing and training in the Government sector.

Many of the issues private sector organisations face around communication are magnified for government. It’s big – really big – and operates across many departments. It’s under pressure because of cuts. And it needs to be accountable for everything it does. This makes good communication vital to smooth government, whether that’s to help join up departments so they work more effectively together, or to make the letters government sends out easy to understand so people know what’s expected of them.

Quietroom has worked with eight government departments, helping them talk internally and externally in a way that is clear, vivid and real.

What we’ve achieved

We rewrote 250 compliance letters for HMRC, to make them simpler, friendlier and more customer focused. As a result, complaints about communications halved. Our work was shortlisted for a National Business Award.

We also wrote HMRC’s Charter, which needed to be signed off by 60 stakeholders.

The Operational Delivery Profession (ODP) includes 280,000 individuals across government departments. ODP leaders wanted to raise the Profession’s profile within the Civil Service, and to launch a new package of qualifications to support members at every stage of their career. We produced a campaign that included an animation, posters, key messages, web copy and copy templates.

We carried out a language audit for the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, and followed this up with copywriting training. 85% of attendees rated the training as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’.

We trained 140 ‘engagement champions’ at the Ministry of Justice, to help them use language more effectively. Even during the training, people said they could feel the way they were communicating starting to change. The Head of Operations described our work as the ‘highlight’ of the engagement programme.

We produced a video for the Department for Education that told teachers about major changes to their pension scheme. On a scale of 1-5, the overwhelming majority of teachers gave our work 4 or 5.

We audited a suite of communications materials from HM Treasury, and created an 18-page report full of practical advice on how to improve their copy.