Pensions sub-header with a piggy bank detail, find out how Quietroom has helped businesses in the Pensions sector with their thinking, writing and training.

Despite the pensions industry’s best efforts, there’s still a gulf in understanding between pensions experts and the general public. To engage people in their own future, we need to start a conversation that ordinary people can join – and that means talking in a way that makes sense to people outside the pensions bubble.

Quietroom has worked with employers, trustees, providers and advisers for almost a decade, helping them talk in a way that’s clear, vivid and real – so their story makes sense, so their ideas come to life, so their message sticks.

What we’ve achieved

We helped Whitbread plan and deliver all their automatic enrolment communication. 1,000 people joined the scheme before a single person was enrolled – 17 times more than usual. Once enrolment started, only 4% opted out, against an industry average of 9%. Existing members increased their contributions. There was no increase in enquiries or complaints. And the project won Whitbread the DC Scheme of the Year at the Professional Pensions Awards in 2013.

When Kodak filed for bankruptcy in the US, members of the Kodak Pension Plan in the UK needed to make some choices. We produced all the video and printed material the trustees needed, and encouraged them to position the members’ decision as a vote. 80% of members voted, 97% of whom voted yes.

When HSBC launched into workplace pensions, we created a ‘core story’ for the new division. This set out what they were doing, why, and how. The team used this core story as a platform for making decisions and creating communication. They’ve described its effect as ‘transformative’.

When we changed the way Prudential described their flexible annuity product, sales rose to three times the original target.