Protection header image with a lock illustration, find out how Quietroom has helped business in the Protection sector with their thinking, writing and training.

People don’t buy enough protection insurance. They don’t see the value, they’re suspicious of insurance companies, and they’d rather not think about death and serious illness anyway. But we think there’s another reason – one that’s much easier to fix.

The language we use to describe protection is putting people off. We’re talking too much about the price, and the process, and not enough about the customer and why they need protecting in the first place. And we’re alienating them with talk of ‘risk factors’, ‘deferred periods’ and ‘incapacity definitions’, when we could be using the language they’d use instead.

Quietroom works with protection insurers, reinsurers, intermediaries and trade bodies to help the industry talk in a way that’s clear, vivid and real – so it’s easier to understand, more attractive to buy, and more relevant to customers’ lives.

What we’ve achieved

We’ve helped Vitality launch countless new products, including seven on one day. We’ve written straplines, key messages, brochures, posters and web copy, and we also created their tone of voice. We created a brand promise for them, and created and rolled-out a new tone of voice to support it.

We helped Ageas Protect (then called Fortis Life) launch into the UK protection market, creating every piece of customer service and marketing material they needed. The copy we wrote scored fantastically in research: over 97% of customers agreed that it was clear, informative and explained how the product worked. It had positive feedback from advisers too, and Ageas Protect won several industry awards. Within a year of launch, they were the number one provider with every distribution partner they launched with.