How we helped Which?
Build a more inspiring brand

The problem

The Which? brand is bigger than just testing toasters and washing machines, but not enough people know it. They have ambitious plans to expand, so they asked us to help broaden how people see them.

The solution

Interviews, analysis and research on the language Which? used, and what they could use instead. A practical guide and toolkit on messages and tone of voice. Events and workshops to roll the guide out.

The result

A hugely successful project that has got everyone at Which? excited about the brand’s new direction. You can see the impact of our work in every piece of communication Which? now produces. They’re starting to track the commercial impact too. Brand awareness has risen, member numbers are up and response to online advertising has increased by 18% against control in a recent campaign.

How we did it


We started by analysing the language people used at Which? – in web pages, press releases, editorial, advertising, call scripts, emails and media showreels. Then we ran some research groups. We spoke to Which? employees, Which? members and members of the public, finding out how they felt about Which? and what kind of language they responded best to.

We used what we learned to create several things for Which?. We wrote a paragraph that summed the brand up in four lines. We created a set of brand messages – words, phrases and ways to talk about Which? that made people want to get involved with the brand. We developed an overall approach to language and tone of voice, including a set of metaphors that reinforced the right brand messages.

We pulled all this together into a practical toolkit that helps people across the organisation talk about Which? with one voice. After that, we rolled the guide out across all departments. We ran interactive events and practical workshops, helping everyone to understand and apply the new ideas.