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  • Embracing the robot revolution: AI’s role in retirement

Embracing the robot revolution: AI’s role in retirement

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17th April 2024 11:00am


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A conversation with Engage Smarter, on how to bridge the pension guidance gap with the latest AI technology - without getting into hot water.

Pension providers are coming under increasing pressure from regulators to help savers make better decisions about retirement. But providing enough qualified staff to talk customers through their options is fraught with regulatory risk and comes with huge costs.

Enter Engage Smarter. They’re exploring how to bridge this guidance gap with AI. They believe that the right solution can help pension providers of all sizes do better by their customers, particularly those with lower levels of wealth.

But how do we set AI up for success? How do we stop it crossing the advice-guidance boundary and landing us in hot water? And will pension savers ever learn to love robo-guidance?

In one of Quietroom’s regular Wednesday Wisdom sessions, Engage Smarter’s Felicia Meyerowitz Singh, Peter Robertson and Matt Gosden will tell us how they’ve developed AI guidance to be practical, useful and compliant.

As usual, there will be lots of time for questions and comments.

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