This week at Quietroom

by Joe Craig on

This week is a labour of love. We’re getting to the heart of a health insurance company to work out what makes them unique, and how to communicate that in a way which charms people.

Meanwhile, we’re in the love letter business. We’re continuing our work with a financial services company and reinventing the way they speak to their customers. We’ll be taking their new tone of voice and infusing it into their letters.

We’re also guiding a consumer champion through some tricky letters to customers who need to update their membership details, and fast. We’ll take some complicated information and express it in a way that’s easy to digest.

In other news, our Rhys is off to an investment management group to lead an Apprentice-style task for a group of 24 graduates. He’ll be setting them a digital marketing challenge that’ll really put them through their paces.

And we’re feeling the love in the office by sizing up who’s got the most Valentine’s cards. Jimmy the dog is winning by a landslide.