This week at Quietroom

by Guestblogger on

This week, we’re reuniting with a cancer research institute to review how they’ve embraced their new tone of voice. We’ll be looking deep into details, identifying places where they’ve done well, and diagnosing where they need to improve.

Meanwhile, we’ll be broadening our horizons and discovering ways we can use eLearning. An eLearning expert is coming to talk to us about how we can bring what we do best, online.

Our Rhys is hosting a Protection Review talk about how insurance companies can develop a more engaging tone of voice in their writing, to avoid falling behind the times.

We’re also writing stories for a data company about how they’ve helped their customers.  This involved an early morning Skype call to Japan where we asked questions about the project. We’ll be taking their answers in the interview and turning them into a human story.

And we’re looking forward to putting on our chef hats, and seeing who can cram on the most toppings in our summer social. We’re making pizzas!

This post was written by Tom, who’s with us this week for work experience.