This week at Quietroom

by Joe Craig on

This week, we’re on a journey. Our Rhys and Russ are travelling to an insurance company to explore the world of metaphor. They’ll chart how the technique can make your copy go further.

Our Vince is off to deliver a workshop for a group of financial consultants. He’ll be pioneering new ways for them to work together as a team.

We’re continuing our quest to transform data for an information services company. We’ve started collecting stories from their clients which will transport the numbers to more exciting places.

Meanwhile, we’re mapping out the customer journey of a consumer champion. We’ll be walking in the customers’ shoes and tracing the steps they take when they’re choosing a product.

And in more exploration fun, we’re off for an evening of discovery. We’re taking a trip to The Royal Geographical Society to enjoy tales of travel and triumph. We’ll use what we hear to add some more adventure to our writing.