This week at Quietroom

by Joe Craig on

This week, we’re putting the politics into office politics. Our writers are joining forces to pore over each party’s manifesto. We’ll use our language scalpels to dissect what they’re saying. Keep an eye out for our verdict.

Meanwhile, our Claire and Russ are off for two workshops with a financial services company. To kick off the week they’ll be untangling part of the customer communication process. And in the second session they’ll be talking all things tone of voice.

Back in the office, we’re sending off the final draft of a data company’s brand voice guide. Over the last few weeks we’ve gone the extra mile to test the guide out with their employees in London, Nottingham, California and Brazil. In this final version we’ve weaved in their thoughts and cut the bits they didn’t love.

We’re also carrying on with an animation for a financial services company. We’re using fun visuals and a simple script to give life to their new pensions product.

And to top it all off, we’re up for an exciting award. We’ve been nominated for communication specialist at the Pensions Expert Pension and Investment Provider Awards. Wish us luck…