This week at Quietroom

by Joe Craig on

This week we’re animating an army. Kings and medieval masses star in our new animations to help a pensions company explain choices to their members.

Explaining pensions sometimes calls for that leap into moving images, but you also need the words on the page to tell the story. So we’re writing another pension company’s newsletter. We’re making complex ideas simple and bringing a stiff subject to life.

There’ll be plenty of life in our workshops for a finance company. We’re going in to develop a tone of voice with them that’s engaging, clear and, simply, human.

Meanwhile, a large bank is revolutionising their systems, but it’s a daunting task to keep everyone in the company informed about where and when the changes are coming. So we’re stepping in. We love an internal communications challenge. We’ll make sure everyone understands the journey so those changes go smoothly.

Smooth sailing, too, for customers of a consumer champion. We’re crafting copy to inform and empower readers who are after the best deals.

And with so many words bouncing around our brains, it’s a great week to get struck almost dumb by winter sunsets. They’re shown off beautifully by the wraparound windows in our penthouse office.