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Investment map

See the investment world from a fresh perspective.

Where does capital really go? Who’s really influencing how the money flows? What’s stopping you having the impact you’d like?

Ever since Quietroom launched our map of the DC pensions world, you’ve been telling us how it’s helped you look from at the industry from new perspectives, such as members’ perspectives or industry professionals doing different jobs.

So we’ve created a follow-up: a map of the investment world.

Map of the investment world by Quietroom

Download the map (PDF)

Start conversations with the investment map

The map can help you consider whether products and processes are fit for purpose, and which relationships need to be stronger or better understood.

You’ve told us it helps you train new recruits, that you’ve stuck it up on your office wall – and that you love seeing $130 trillion of assets distilled to a page.

We’ll keep updating the investment map

The map will always be a work in progress. Fortunes rise and fall, systems evolve, and the shape of the economy transforms. And if you know your corner of the investment world well, you’ll be able to tell us where we’ve gone wrong, or not quite captured how the systems connect. So please let us know.

If you’d like to help with future versions of the map, email me.