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Quietroom works with insurers, reinsurers, and intermediaries, helping them make insurance easier to understand, more attractive to buy, and more relevant to people’s lives.

Health and protection insurance meets a fundamental human need: to safeguard the future and protect the people you love.

Get close to the customer

It's easy to understand what someone needs from you when they're sitting in front of you. But what if you're one step removed? We help insurers understand their customers - and use that insight to deliver more for them.

Help people see the need for protection

One of the reasons we lose people before they buy is because they weren't motivated enough in the first place. It's the same reason why people cancel their policies but still keep their Netflix subscriptions. We'll help you show your customers why they need protecting, giving them emotional and practical reasons to stay the course.

Build consumer understanding

The Consumer Duty has raised the bar when it comes to consumer understanding. Things that might have been discretionary before are now mandatory. We'll help you explain what you offer in a way your customers understand. And we'll help you test your material with consumers, so you can feel confident you're getting it right for them - and so can the regulator.

Define what makes you different

If insurers look interchangeable to customers and advisers, then how can they choose between you? We'll help you define what makes you different, so you stand apart from your competitors on value, not just price.

Make it easy

We're used to simple digital experiences in other parts of our consumer lives. But when we enter the insurance world, there are still a lot of obstacles, hassles and complexity. We'll help you create journeys and experiences that feel smooth and simple for people.

Personalise the experience

Our industry's still dominated by one-size-fits all communication. But data and analytics allow us to do more. We'll help you use the information you have to predict what messages are likely to resonate with which segments of your customer base and what format they'll respond best to.

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