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Our story

Human interest

Over 20 years in pensions, investment and insurance, our priority has always been the same: to make them work better for the people they were set up to serve.

There are 30 million workers in the UK

Some work in offices, but most don’t. Some are confident and capable when it comes to money. Most are not. People who work on production lines or railway tracks don’t think of themselves as investors. People who work on the checkout or in the classroom don’t feel like they have wealth to manage or lifestyles to protect. They just want to live good lives - and they need our help.

We need to put their needs first

Where do they want to be? What are they trying to achieve - or avoid? What makes their lives easier? What gets in the way? Where are they getting bogged down? Where are they giving up? What’s the root cause?

We're fascinated by how people think, feel and behave

We study how they take in information, how they make decisions and how they react to the content we produce. We're always looking for ways to leave them better off. Is there an action they could take, like saving more? Or are they better off doing nothing, like staying in an investment default that's right for them? What's getting in the way of a good outcome? Is it a psychological barrier, like the belief that financial services is 'not for them'? Or is it something practical, like the fact that they work at sea and haven't opened a letter in two years?

We want our work to make things better

Whether we're looking at a sentence that doesn't make sense, a journey that doesn't join up, or an experience that leaves people exasperated, we're asking ourselves the same question: how can we make this better? By doing that, we're playing our part in making the whole industry work better for the people it was set up to serve.

Our clients