Abby Worth


What do you do?

I take writing that’s feeling under-the-weather, and I turn it into sparkling new writing that gets the job done.

Why do you do it?

I just bloomin’ love words and stories. Ever since I was little. For me, it’s like painting pictures. But instead of pantones, you’ve got the entire English dictionary to play with.

Writing for businesses is especially satisfying, as there’s real purpose in helping people understand important things about their life – be it their pension, their will or even where their energy is coming from.

Which projects have you worked on?

Over the years I’ve written about everything from sausage rolls to Rolls-Royces. I’ve written about police brutality for an Usher music video. And coined a strapline or two for a well-known film awards ceremony.

But most recently, I’ve spent time in the insurance and financial sector – taking impossibly complex and old-fashioned concepts, and re-writing them in clear contemporary English that’s genuinely helpful for people.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I teach yoga. I dance to anything with a beat. I swim in ponds and lakes and other outdoor bodies of water. And according to my bookshelf, I read a lot of dystopian fiction by female authors.

What’s your favourite word?