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Chloe Taylor

Director and incoming CEO

In January 2024 Chloe will take up a new role as Quietroom’s first Chief Executive Officer.

Chloe joined Quietroom as a junior account manager in 2016. Within 5 years, she was helping to run it as a director.

As an account manager, Chloe loved untangling problems for clients so their businesses ran more smoothly. However, her gaze quickly turned inwards. She gained an MBA and joined Quietroom’s board as a director, where she challenges us to continually improve how we are run for our clients.

As well as keeping Quietroom on track, Chloe continues to work with clients on strategic projects. She holds up a mirror to complex pension schemes, joins the dots of large organisations and helps companies gain an aerial view of their business. In recent times, she’s helped St James’s Place set objectives that support its strategy and change behaviours across the business, and supported MNRPF with their full communications calendar.

“Chloe is smart, always on top of things and always thinking ahead.”

Head of Trustee Services, UK pension fund

Chloe’s clients