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Rhys is a familiar face in financial services. His career as a writer, strategist, consultant, coach and public speaker spans almost three decades.

Rhys walked into the nascent Quietroom in 2006. His devotion to making money more meaningful, passion for learning and uncanny knack for bringing out the best in people have helped mould Quietroom into the dynamic, purposeful business that it is today.

Rhys has inspired countless companies to change for the better. Whether it’s rethinking customer communication for Standard Life, or helping Nest hatch a new brand story, clients count on Rhys to help them see their world through different eyes. He has helped some of the biggest names in finance to step back and find better ways of connecting with their audience.

Branded an ‘agitator for change’ by colleagues, Rhys now sits on Quietroom’s board of directors where he applies the same enthusiasm to making our business even better.

Rhys is an advocate for better mental health in the workplace and in finance. He was part of a challenge group for the UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing, helping to set milestones for a 10-year journey towards better financial wellbeing.

Rhys's clients

“We over-achieved against every benchmark we set ourselves for our project. That was pretty much wholly down to Rhys and the way he helped us approach things.”