Videos are a great way to explain ideas that are complicated or intangible.

You’re welcome to use these freebies to start a conversation with your audience.

We’ve made punchy, engaging films and animations for a bunch of clients. If you’d like to see some of those, please get in touch.

“The quality was so good. Everyone just ‘gets’ it, and the characters always bring a smile to people’s faces.”

Senior associate at a Big-Four consultancy

What would you change about the world?

What ordinary people tell us they want to change about the world. Spoiler: it sounds like a list of impact investing themes.

What if your pension could do that for you?

What happens when you tell people about the power of their pensions.

Pensions have the power to change the world

How impact investing helps people care about their pension money. And how we can channel this into building a better world.

Pension scammers

Help pension scheme members protect themselves from scammers, with our latest animation. It’s short, fun and free to use wherever it’s useful.

Your 3 pension options in 3 minutes

Before people can decide what to do with their pension pot, they need to know the basics. 3 trees and some apples do the job.

What is investment risk?

Help investors upgrade their understanding of risk and have a laugh along the way with our shed-jumping statues.

How to reduce investment risk

Once investors know what risk is, help them understand the 4 ways to reduce it. And have another giggle.

Pension money: where it’s invested and the good it does

Inspire people with the amazing journey their pension money goes on – building stuff, creating jobs and doing good.

What pension scheme members think about responsible investing

Watch the wide-eyed reaction of 10 ordinary folk when they realise that their retirement savings have the power to change the world.

Shake up your thinking

Get an outside view on pensions challenges from a diverse group of leaders from all across the business world.

Why bother with a workplace pension?

Our creepy-crawly friend learns about workplace pensions, and why they’re an easy way to get more money when you’re older.

Upgrade your skills: write like you speak

Enjoy a few trade secrets about writing effective communication, courtesy of senior writer Caroline Hopper.