When you work with Quietroom, you’re plugged into a hive mind of 22 people, each with different skills and specialisms. Day to day, your project will involve at least 3 people: a creative lead, a ‘second brain’, and someone to keep things on track.

Come meet the people who’ll be on your team.

The ones who find out what you need


Mark Scantlebury

Development Lead

Joe Craig

The ones who deliver the work


Vincent Franklin

Strategy Director

Rhys Williams

Director of Copy

Claire Harcup


Simon Grover

Lead Writer

Russ Hope

Senior Writer and Workshop Leader

Emily Bate

Senior Writer and Workshop Leader

Julia Fox

Senior Writer and Workshop Leader

Robin Harries

Senior Writer and Workshop Leader

Caroline Hopper


Sarah Hawke

Research Consultant

Dan Young


Ben Tunningley

The ones who keep things on track

Managing Director

Andy Hayes

Account Director

Chloe Taylor

Senior Account Manager

James Herbert

Account Manager

Eleanor Hutchings

Account Manager

Jessica Ng

Office Manager

Nick Adamson

Finance Manager

Jochem van Ast