We improved these 4 signs

Like that chap in Bristol who sneaks out in the middle of the night to correct apostrophes, we just can’t help ourselves. If we see a sign that could do with some better copy, we get in there.

Here are four we spotted recently and how we’d fix them up if we were asked nicely.

This one was hanging on a barrier in a post office. The barrier was rather flimsy, and so was the copy. It could be much, much shorter. If it was, people would be more likely to read it, and do what it asks.


Another notice that starts by telling you it’s a notice. Again, the key to making this sign more useful is to cut, cut and cut again.


On the left is the original. On the right, our rewrite. A small change perhaps. But by changing it from ‘passive’ structure to ‘active’, it’s clearer that you want me to do something, it’s more conversational and friendly, and it’s shorter.


The original, followed by our suggestion. Again, cutting stuff out makes this sign more effective. I like that the original sign doesn’t apply to unauthorised users. If you’re a burglar, be as reckless as you like!

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