Journey to Net Zero

Pension trustees, start your net zero conversation here

Everyone from the pensions minister to the heir to the throne is talking about net zero pensions. But what would net zero mean for your scheme? Our Journey to Net Zero shows you how to start that conversation. It offers simple labels and definitions, and a hierarchy of which steps your scheme might want to consider.

(To see the detail, look at it on a computer rather than a phone.)


As with any journey, there’s more than one possible route, different things to look at and a selection of hot and cold snacks. Our net zero journey is merely a typical one. Use it to start a conversation about what yours might look like, which places you might visit on the way and what time you’re due to arrive.

To develop the Journey to Net Zero, we quizzed experts from across the pensions industry, and we are indebted to them. They helped us explore how the bits and bobs of net zero pensions fit together, what the essential and optional elements are and why schemes should bother in the first place. And we discussed the crucial issue of what to call things – because when people try to communicate using different languages it can all get a bit shouty. The Journey to Net Zero attempts to unify the ideas and simplify the language, so trustees can talk to themselves and their stakeholders clearly, easily and effectively. 

Please feel free to download the Journey to Net Zero, email it to your colleagues, print it out or project it on to your wall. Please let us know what you do with it, and what people think of it. We’ll be looking for ways to update and expand it. 

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